Meet our Makers | JIM

We are proud that all of our designs are still handcrafted in Australia, in our Leederville workshop. We want you to get to know the talented people behind our jewellery.  Meet Jim.

What is your role at Rohan Jewellers?
To utilise my skills and experience through my job to produce the best possible outcome in a fine piece jewellery.

What inspires you?
How can any jeweller who enjoys this work not be inspired by knowing in this work environment, you can take a fine drawing of the customers jewellery from the designer and create a beautiful jewellery piece with unique quality gems.

“The fact that we have so much experience here. The jewellers have a combined experience of over 100 years of making jewellery – 102 years to be precise.”

What is your happy place?
When I am sitting down after a hard day gold prospecting in front of the fire underneath an amazing star filled sky.

What do you love about working in Leederville?
The workplace is a cheerful professional atmosphere where there is a sense of enthusiasm and dedication to achieve something above the average.

What are your least known talents?
Cutting gemstones. Though I haven’t done it for a few years after selling my equipment. It is almost just as satisfying as making jewellery.

What is your favourite gemstone?
Sapphires. I have been up on the fields in Queensland digging for them with my family and have come home with some incredible Sapphires. It is worth all the hard work.

Do you have a favourite client story behind a piece you created?
I can’t pin it down to one particular customer but there have been many emotional responses to pieces that I have made. This is where you see what personal meaning jewellery has to many people.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a jeweller?
I believe you have to have a love of creating with your hands and your mind in order to see the big picture. It is not simply a job.

Which of your tools do you most like working with?
I love working with the laser machine. They have come a long way since the ruby fired laser machines of the 1960’s. A great technology leap for the jewellery trade in assembling high quality and unique jewellery.

What do you do to unwind after a busy week?
There are great walks in the Swan Valley and along the river. With my partner, I love to unwind and enjoy a coffee after a walk.