Meet our Makers | KRISTIAN

We are proud that all of our designs are still handcrafted in Australia, in our Leederville workshop. We want you to get to know the talented people behind our jewellery.  Meet Kristian.

What is your role at Rohan Jewellers?
Senior Jeweller.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the jewels of the past. In both a craftsmanship and design sense. Anything made during early periods by Bulgari, I find inspiring, especially the array of coloured gems they used. I am also inspired by other artisans remaining true to traditional methods of hand making whether its jewellery, carpentry or other trades. I love seeing the ‘old school’ methods being passed down to the next generation.

“There are so many amazing client stories at Rohan Jewellers. I am currently creating an incredible Art Deco pendant for a client that will match the Art Deco ring I crafted for her last year. They are both extraordinary pieces of heirloom jewellery that I imagine will be in her family for many years to come.”

What is your happy place?
On my boat, in Exmouth WA.

What do you love about working in Leederville?
The diversity and vibrancy of the community. Leederville still has an artistic, bohemian feel that other areas have lost as independent businesses become fewer.

What are your least known talents?
I love interior design and am really enjoying redesigning a 1940’s home.

What is your favourite gemstone?
Columbian Emerald’s are incredible. The vibrancy of green is something else. I also can’t go past Argyle Pink Diamonds. There is something pretty special about working with the rarest diamonds in the world.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a jeweller?
Do it with passion! It certainly has its challenges and pressure but it’s a great job and can be very rewarding.

What is something people wouldn’t know about Rohan Jewellers?
We make jewellery for clients all over the world! There is nothing better than creating a piece knowing it will be loved and appreciated over the other side of the world.

Which of your tools do you most like working with?
Hammers and steel setting plates for making hand made settings.

What do you do to unwind after a busy week?
Taking our dogs to the beach.