Meet our Makers | RHYS

We are proud that all of our designs are still handcrafted in Australia, in our Leederville workshop. We want you to get to know the talented people behind our jewellery. Meet Rhys.

What is your role at Rohan Jewellers?

What inspires you?
Travelling, architecture, travel photography, carpentry – particularly Japanese carpentry – the traditions and craftsmanship and the effort and precision. It’s what we do at Rohan Jewellers but applied to different crafts. I think it’s the pursuit of excellence and perfection that inspires me.

What is your happy place?
On a plane travelling to new places. I love the moment when you arrive in a new city and are surrounded by everything new – architecture, food, culture.

What do you love about working in Leederville?
The food and pubs! Having grown up in Fremantle, the vibe in Leederville is similar in terms of diversity, street art and architecture.

What are your least known talents?
I love illustration – particularly portraits.

What is your favourite gemstone?
Tanzanite – the hue is amazing. I also love the deep green and blue tone of Australian sapphires.

“I have worked on incredible redesigns where clients have incorporated heirloom jewellery into one wearable piece. I love that they are not buying something new, but incorporating old and new. There is so much sentimental value attached to it.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to become a jeweller?
Practice and hone the fundamental skills. Also, you don’t need an expensive tool kit, you can get started with some basic tools.
It’s a never-ending learning curve. I work alongside two highly experienced and talented jewellers and I see them continue to learn and hone their hand skills everyday.

What is something people wouldn’t know about Rohan Jewellers?
People may not realise the level of jewellery that is crafted at Rohan Jewellers.

Which of your tools do you most like working with?
I don’t really have a favourite tool but I couldn’t live without files. They are the most simple tool on my bench but they are instrumental in achieving shape and flow in a piece.

What do you do to unwind after a busy week?
Basketball or jogging along the coast – North Freo, Cottesloe and Mosman Park are my favourite spots.