Why Sapphires Are My Favourite Gemstones

If you are looking for the ultimate statement piece, then look no further than the sapphire. Having recently travelled to Sri Lanka and Thailand sourcing an incredible array of natural coloured sapphires, it spurred me to share with you the beauty that is the epitome of the sapphire.

Historically, the enduring appeal of sapphires dates right back to Ancient Rome and Greece, adorned by wealthy citizens as protection against harm and to foster peace with one’s enemies. Today, the sapphire encapsulates the essence of both royalty and romance, inspired by Princess Diana and of course Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphires have become iconic in their own right, as they continue to make headlines across the world as the most loved and striking gemstones.

Statement dress ring handcrafted in platinum featuring a rectangular cushion cut blue Ceylon sapphire with round brilliant cut diamond detail.

They are truly one of my favourite natural gems to work with due to the vibrancy and endless variety of colour. Further, their hardness makes them a very good option for jewellery that will be worn daily. From all shades of blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange and peachy padparadscha, each colour of sapphire has warmth and silkiness – which combined with a beautiful brilliance – makes these gems appear almost luminescent.

Blue sapphires are the most commonly known – the blue Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Sapphire colour range being the most sought after, and then there is the Australian sapphire which display a darker colour tone and present in dark blue and green hues and sometimes mix together to give a parti colour.

Art Deco inspired earrings featuring peach hued padparadscha sapphires and white diamonds.

The Padpardscha is considered the rarest and most desired of all sapphires, presenting in a delicate mix of soft pink and orange hues. A popular choice for royalty, made famous recently with Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring – a stunning blush coloured Padparadscha sapphire ring. Derived from the Singhalese, ‘Padparadscha’ is the word for salmon coloured lotus blossom. As the price of these rare gems have soared, it is intriguing when treasure hunting for these that the colour range that cutters and dealers will claim are Padparadscha are quite broad. It must be the right mix to be considered a true Paddy.

When one hears the word diamond; cut, colour, clarity and carat come to mind. If you’re shopping for a sapphire, then those same principles apply. There’s so much more to the sapphire than its colour. The cut is also very significant as it directly affects the nature of the colour and life of the gemstone which will deliver its brilliance.

The faceting of the sapphire must reflect light in an effort for its colour to radiate. If it doesn’t, it’s considered a ‘window’ which is where the stone is cut too shallow and the light falls out of the stone. Stones with windows fetch much lower prices in the jewellery market, so it’s important to inspect the cut before you make your selection.

We know that diamonds are renowned as the ‘hardest stone to man’. Remarkably, sapphires rank ninth on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This makes sapphires a sought-after alternate stone allowing you to enjoy them every day as earrings, statement dress rings, pendants or engagement pieces.

The brilliance of sapphires is enhanced even further when paired with white diamonds – highlighting their natural hues – which is a favourite combination with our designs. The use of varied fancy shape white diamond enhancements can give a truly unique, modern Deco look which I love.

At Rohan Jewellers we have an extensive range of natural sapphire pieces, whatever your style or favourite colour, you’re sure to find something I have tracked down that will make an incredible statement. Sapphires are our passion and with so many varieties available from all over the world, we can assist in selecting the right one, then designing and creating a unique piece of wearable art. It should always be a fun and enjoyable experience!

I am very lucky in that I get to treasure hunt and then create generational jewellery. Please don’t hesitate to touch base with me to discuss, rohan@rohanjewellers.com.

– Article by Rohan Milne, Master Jeweller. 

18ct white gold sapphire and diamond earrings featuring 2=6.70ct oval blue ceylon sapphires, and 2=2.04ct pear cut diamonds. $33,000.


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